by Jocelyn Paige Kelly

Moments of Contemplation

What do you do when you get conflicting advice or advice that falls short of being beneficial?

This is what Eunice Hii touched upon in her passionate keynote speech on Tedx. After reading an article in HBR regarding the passion problem of her generation (Gen Y), Hii became troubled and unnerved by the lack of solutions offered by the article's author, Cal Newport.
Newport's argument stemmed from research on the frequent recurrence of the phrase "follow your passion" from the 90s' on upwards. The advice, Newport claims, sets people up to fail because they have unrealistic expectations about how passion in a career really builds.

Newport's article brings to light a troubling problem, one that doesn't have easy solutions. How do we change an entire generation's perspective? And is this problem really a GenY problem or a much larger one?

Hii offers one solution : "don't just follow your passion," consider your community. To paraphrase, where the needs of your community and your passion meet, that's where you should put your focus. I think this is great beginning advice for a lot of people. Listen and watch her keynote below:

What are your feelings about passion? Do you feel it should be the only consideration when creating your life? 



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